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Industrial Object is your cutting edge marine design resource. We meet personally with all of our clients to determine design requirements, budget, schedule, and vision. We study and research the project to understand end use. We have provided leading marine design since 1989. A powerful expansion to our services include the "Craft Development Center", we now can offer prototype development and construction, scale models and "proof of concept" small craft.

Our mission:

To offer captivating "Best in Class" designs of marine craft made for the leisure and recreational enjoyment of all. Especially those craft that expose us to the beauty and inspirational qualities of our watery planet. In work boat design we aim to surpass any other international work boat in efficiency, performance and comfort. Our client's requirements are always exceeded.

Strategic relationships:

Industrial Objects maintains collaborative relationships with the best of the best in naval architecture, materials science, structural design and CAD capable fabricators.


Hull Design:

Here at Industrial Object we aim to achieve and exceed clientele specifications in regards to hull design. Whether the hull is new technology prototyping or classical design; at Industrial Object we will unsurpassed quality and efficiency for your design. Below are some examples of hull designs that have been modeled in the past. No design is too complex or simplistic for Industrial Object. Contact us today with any design inquiries.

Mold and Plug Modeling:

In supplement to other services, Mold and Plug modeling is a mainstay at Industrial Object in our array of services. Providing Mold and Plug modeling to all clientele, the quality of work can be easily seen below.

Concept Development:

One of the premier services offered at Industrial Object, we will provide any and all concept design services from start to finish. Land, Air, or Sea, there is no concept or idea that cannot be visualized with our help. Below are some examples of some revolutionary designs that have seen production with our assistance. Contact us with any concept or ideas you would like to see finally visualized as you intended it to be.

3D modeling and CAD:

It is an age old homage "A picture is worth a thousand words". If this is to hold true than a complete, accurate 3-D model of your project must be worth more. Since Industrial Object's inception, 3-D design has been a service that has kept up to date with the latest technological developments. Used to help clientele bring their visions off the paper and into production, Industrial Object is ready for your project. Below are a small example of past projects that have seen fruition with our design capabilities.

Promotional Rendering:

While drawings and 3-d models may bring your project to life, nothing really brings your idea into its own element than simulating your project in its environment. Here at Industrial Object, promotional rendering services are available to clientele at any stage of concept development. In order for an idea to be visualized and truly invested in an accurate representation of the project in its scope of use really brings the whole vision of your concept into its own element and Industrial Object is here for you. Below are a few samples of Promotional Renderings for past projects.

Designer Profile

David Carambat

Owner/operator of Industrial Object, LLC.

Providing professional marine design nationwide since 1989.

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